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The ‘Good As Gold” is a campaign project and as a Body of work it responds to New Zealand’s current issues that relate to the mental health of young male adults. 

New Zealand has one of the highest suicide rates in the developed world for young male adults aged between 15-24. ‘Good as Gold’ campaign target that age group and that demography. 

This campaign includes of a short video (which will also be available on Youtube and social media), a booklet (available from health centers and online mental health services), and posters (available on social media and live venues in the community such as bus stops, sporting venues etc) in order to reach a wide diversity of young males as possible. 

‘Good As Gold’ uses iconography that directly relates to New Zealand and speaks to cultural diversity and its aim is to say that person’s wellbeing is strengthened by acknowledging the fact that emotional states are a part of the natural world. 


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