Colours, Motion and Sound

Use Of Colours:

 rgb (255, 120, 120)

 rgb (156, 0, 255)

 rgb (103, 17, 184)

 rgb (94, 249, 152)

 rgb (55,245, 220)

 rgb (7, 14, 104)

 rgb (137, 11, 29)

 rgb (255, 255, 255)

Image result for fireworks


I wanted to capture the movement of the firework the way it shoots up into the air and explodes into many pieces slowly floating down and vanishing.


Normally the firework creates a loud “Bang”. I thought it would be more interesting for the audience to create a “bang” themselves by clapping or shouting or making any kind of sound they like, the louder they are the more fireworks there are (there will a limitation, so that it runs smoothly).