• 2018 Projects

    Back at it!

    So over the past few months I have been extending my knowledge on video editing, Adobe, creating artifacts and also creating my own typeface! I will be adding my learnings to my website very shorty 🙂

  • The process


    I have finally finished my Ritual ! Very happy with the result even though there were many frustrating moments within this code I am happy to say I did it! I created the characteristics of the firework I wanted and…

  • The process

    Decision Making!

    I decided to create a maximum amount of fireworks created so that it did not slow down the program and they could flow naturally. Therefore making basically saying the the Max Volume is greater than 12 then make 12. var…

  • The process

    Adding the Mic

    I DID IT! Added in the action of sound, I needed to adjust some of the figures so that it didn’t create to many or to little particles and also the volume of the sound that it would react too,…

  • The process


    I have picked my colours! Rewriting them in RGB I based my colours on what I thought was dominant in fireworks and stood out to me.   this.colorList = [‘255, 120, 120’, ‘252, 118, 225’, ‘103, 17, 184′, ’94, 249,…

  • The process

    Helpful links

    I am really enjoying coding…… or maybe not. The Coding Train has been an amazing tool to help me pursue my idea. It has helped me to understand coding at my own pass and given me that extra boost that…

  • The process

    Today Is The Day

    Today is the day I purchased my own website! I have a .com! I am super excited right now but also shocked behind how much goes into making a website (thank you Dale for all your help, if your reading…

  • Research,  The process

    Building The Blog Brah

    I just build a functioning webpage… whoop whoop. This was a very very very long process…   Got to say this took me longer than it should therefore todays blog is going to be a little short, I continuously double…

  • The process


    The history – The earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to 9th-century medieval Chinese Tang Dynasty. The fireworks were used to accompany many festivities. Chinese people originally believed that the fireworkscould expel evil spirits and bring about luck and happiness.…

  • The process

    Class 8

    WE ARE ALREADY IN CLASS 8! How?! Today I have just been sussing out my Ritual and how I am going to approach it. Looking at different concepts and how I think each one will work and what would be…